( S.E.C.E.A.)

ERASMUS+ KA229  SUSTAIN European Culture and Environment in an App


KA229 SUSTAIN European Culture and Environment in an App ( S.E.C.E.A.)

The project “Sustain European Culture and Environment in an App” is an Erasmus+  KA229 project approved on 24th August 2018. The partnership is formed by the High School IISS “ Augusto RIGHI Italy, the coordinating school,  The Fortes Lyceum – the Netherlands, The International High school “ Newark School”- Malta , the Gymnasyum “ Mirin Costin” – Romania and The High School “ Institut Andreu Nin “ Spain

The project aims at focusing  on helping learners develop a range of competences to cope in our complex world in order to promote learners’ personal  growth, citizenship and preparation for the world of work  and above all meet the students’ interests and active participation.

The topic chosen is Environmental and Eco tourism Sustainability that we think is the necessary step forward in Environmental education to meet the priorities that Europe calls, including Cultural Heritage. 

 Skills such as collaborative problem-solving, entrepreneurship , creativity, cultural and environmental competences , active  citizenship  and ITC skills  will be activated  by means of activities aimed at  improving their Ways of Thinking Ways of Working, Living in the World  that is their scientific Knowledge, Entrepreneurial, language and IT Skills, and their Attitudes/Values/Ethics, in a new collaborative and motivating way  outside the classroom and above all in an international context

The project will be concerned with geography, biology, Chemistry,  English , IT, Health Education, Culture studies, Eco-tourism and Green Economy. Students will be encouraged to take responsibility for their own health and their environment .

The designed short term activities will give the pupils the opportunity to discover, learn about and experience the natural world , create a sense of belonging rooted in their local environment but also in the European context, enhancing their health, wellbeing and educational outcomes. 

The project will make the students able to acknowledge the special value of their inherited habitat. and its cultural value. On the other hand the students will analyze the dangers and the changes of their habitat and the potential consequences and take actions to find possible solutions for a future sustainable Europe. 

The International project community will work with local stakeholders to contribute to the preservation of the natural resources in the partners areas which go from mountain landscapes to rural landscape and  sea landscapes and will develop business plans and projects to enhance eco-tourism in their area.

Prodotti finali del progetto

Da magazine a e.book, l’elenco è pressoché infinito e ti mostriamo i nostri prodotti.

agenzia Nazionale Erasmus+ Indire IISS “A. Righi” – Taranto – Italy

Agenzia Nazionale Erasmus+ Indire IISS “A. Righi” – Taranto – Italy

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